Why Composed? | Composed Writing and Editing Services LLC

Why Composed?

There are at least three ways to answer that.

1: An education in education.

As an MP in the Army, I trained other MPs on traffic accident response and DUI interdiction.

Later, in the call center industry, I helped agents learn and improve through side-by-side and over-the-phone coaching, as well as classroom training. Then, I taught English and Speech to middle and high school students for a decade. In that time I also coached Speech and Debate and worked on curriculum development.

I should mention that, on top of years actually teaching, I have degrees in education from Colorado Mesa University and the University of Southern California. (They don't just throw people in public school classrooms, thank goodness.)

Over time I have learned a lot about what it means to push projects on a deadline, keep high standards, and focus on clear goals. I also learned a lot about how, why, and when learning happens.

2: What you get.


...get it right:

Sure, everbuddy makes misteaks.

But while typos and other errors won’t cost you every potential client, they will cost you business.
I’ve got your back.

...get heard:

I joke that interviews and surveys are at least 43% percent of the job. The truth behind that is that I’ve developed a knack for finding out how my clients and their clients think and sound.

That means I can channel your voice while delivering messaging that your target audience will actually“hear."

...get peace of mind:

We’re not winging this.

There’s a solid process behind every Composed project, and I communicate with clients on a schedule to make sure projects arrive on deadline and no pieces fall through the cracks.

3. Why "Composed"?

If by "Why Composed?" you mean, "Why call the business that," there is more than the obvious act of writing--or composing.

I answered this question for a feature at CEO Blog Nation in April. In short, it's the other sense of Composed that makes it work: Composure under pressure. Which is what you hope for when you hire a company to take something off of one of the plates you're juggling, right? ...Plus, Composed is easier for most people to spell than "Laurienti."