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Composed Writing and Editing Services LLC

Copy that sells your courses, coaching, info products, or educational technology.
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Everyone is busy. Teachers are often busier.
If your copy doesn’t garner trust and demonstrate potential quickly, you’ll lose them.

Even the most self-directed learners need to feel understood.
It takes the care and consideration of a teacher to get them in the door.

Let me help.

I’m Bill Laurienti. I write persuasive marketing materials and web copy that help educationally-focused companies get found and get business.

Over the course of twenty years I taught in the military, in business, and in public schools. I’ve learned that, in many ways, teachers and learners are two sides of the same coin.

I can help you connect to your prospects quickly and help them see your course, coaching service, info products or educational software as the solution they’re looking for.

Let's get to work.