Composed Writing and Editing Services LLC - Good writing is art.

Composed Writing and Editing Services LLC

If you care enough about your business and your customers to publish anything at all, then you care enough to make sure it's right, make sure it engages, and make sure it sells.

Composed provides brand-tailored content strategy, website copy, blog content, and email sequences for businesses to make sure their messaging does its job.

Good writing is art. Good art is Composed.

Let's get to work.

Hi there.

Let's triangulate.

(That's not a come on.)

Triangulate (verb): To define an uncertain position by measuring its distance from other fixed points.

Somewhere between you and your customer is undefined common ground. How do you get there?

Business is still personal. Counterintuitively, the internet may make that more true: We're all hit with messaging all day, every day. It takes a connection to cut through.

And even when your ideal client finds you, trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.

Well known copywriter Joseph Sugarman famously wrote that everything in an ad is meant "to get you to read the first sentence of copy." And after that, the next line. And the next. That says a lot about the importance of the copy.

So, is what's on your page correct to start with?
If not, they won't keep reading.

Is it engaging?
If not, they won't keep reading.

Does it sell? If not... you get the idea.

Copy can't solve your business problems if you don't have a viable product, don't keep promises, or just aren't into it.

On the other hand, Good copy doesn't stutter. It doesn't sleep. It doesn't come out upside down and wish it remembered the pitch under pressure.

It's Composed.

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What to Expect:


Let's get in touch so I can learn about you, your business and your project.
After we meet, I'll send you a questionnaire to help me taylor your proposal and later work.

Next, we'll schedule the roadmapping meeting that will set us up to make a clear plan for your project. No matter what you decide after you meet, you'll leave that meeting with clear steps you can take to improve your content and/or strategy.
I'll send you a proposal within two days of our meeting. The format of the proposal will allow you to add or subtract products according to your content and price needs.
Once I receive your amended proposal, I’ll send you an official contract to review and sign electronically, and then we'll put your job on the calendar as soon as your deposit is received.

Why Composed?

The double meaning of the word "Composed" is perfect for a creative business.

To compose means to construct out of parts. Usually it refers to art. The second, to keep a cool head under pressure, nails a primary need for any business-- especially a collaborative one.

When you hire a writer, you're looking for something a step above "information" in your text. When you hire a company, you're looking for one that can handle your needs well and keep it together.

I've been writing a long time in a lot of different contexts-- writing for businesses turned out to be a natural next step. I love the art of writing, and I love the challenge of business.

If that sounds about right to you- click the "get in touch" button to the left, and let's see what we can build together.